Balenciaga Comes Up With Dirty & Worn-Out Sneakers At Whopping Rs 48K, Twitter Goes WTF

Footwear is of great importance as it not only helps in protecting our foot but also adds to our personality and makes us look good and classy. Usually, people like to buy new footwear/shoes when the existing ones get worn-out but what will be your reaction if we tell you that there is a fashion brand selling new shoes which are so worn-out that the shoes which you might have disposed were even in a better condition. What makes it funnier is the fact that these dirty and worn-out shoes are getting sold at an unbelievable huge price.

This is not the first time that fashion brands have surprised us with their weird products, if you remember we have come across many strange products earlier as well but this time, the fashion brand Balenciaga has left us in a state of shock.

This is the same luxury fashion house which earlier came up with shopping bags (priced at Rs. 1.5 lakh) which were pretty similar to pishwi (a bag usually available in Maharashtrian households and can be stitched or bought for just Rs. 100-200). Yes, we are talking about Balenciaga and this time they have come up with dirty and worn-out shoes whose condition is so pathetic that majority of us won’t even wear them even if they are given for free.

These shoes have been named as the Paris Sneakers by the fashion brand and you can pre-order them by paying $625 (Rs 48,243) and $495 (Rs 38,208).

Soon Twitterati lost the cool and this is how people expressed themselves:











What do you think about Paris Sneakers? Leave aside buying, will you even wish to try them?

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