Indian Railways Introduces ‘Baby Berths’ For Mothers Traveling With Kids, Twitter Is Divided

The Indian Railways is the fourth largest national railways system in the whole world and it is certainly on the path of progress at a very good rate. The Indian government is pretty serious in regard to improvisation of the Indian trains and making journey comfortable for commuters.

Travelling with kids, especially with infants, is never easy and one of the problems that parents face is how to adjust with their baby on the seat of the train. The Indian Railways has come up with the solution to this problem as it has installed foldable baby berths in lower berths (Coach No.194129/B4, berth No 12 & 60.) of the Lucknow Mail on experimentation basis.

This has been done by the Lucknow Division of the Northern Railway to celebrate the occasion of the Mother’s Day.

The seat comes with a stopper in order to keep the baby safe and prevent from falling. Here is the video which explains how it works:

Though the initiative is good considering the fact that the Indian Railways and many people have praised it yet the majority is not happy with it because they are of the opinion that a mother will never keep her baby on the outer side.

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