Twitter User Shared Story Of Old Man Whose Son Robbed His Pension & Left Him With No Money

Our lives have changed a lot after digitalization as it has certainly made it very easy for us to purchase things, book tickets, buy insurance or do online banking but things are not so easy for the elders of the society because it is not easy for them to learn all this. There are many elder people who even face problems in operating a mobile phone leave aside carrying out financial transactions online and in such scenario, they need someone who can help them.

There is no denying the fact that banks, government and media portals keep on running campaigns for warning clients against phishing or online frauds but what can a person do if he is robbed by his own son.

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A Twitter user whose ID is @wittymaharia narrated a very sad incident which was witnessed by her in a private hospital when she went for the treatment of her mother. The Twitter user said that she and her mother were waiting at the reception when they overheard two nurses talking to a senior citizen. The senior citizen came for treatment and for the payment purpose, he gave his card to the nurses but he got the rude shock of his life when he was told that there was no money in his account. He was not ready to believe that as he kept on saying that his pension comes in that account and he hasn’t carried out any transaction. However, then it turned out that his son’s mobile number was registered for the purpose of online banking and he has withdrawn the whole amount.

The old guy was shocked and he sat crying in one of the chairs while the nurses consoled him and asked him to get his son’s number deregistered from his account.

The Twitter user then went for her mother’s procedure and when they returned, the old man was gone. There was only one question which was going on in their minds as to how a son could do this to his father. Though this incident happened some days back, the online user is still feeling very sad thinking about the incident and here is the series of tweets in which @wittymaharia narrated the incident:

This is really disgusting and painful to hear as to how a son can do such a thing with his father, that too when parents make so many sacrifices for kids.

Soon the thread went viral and many online users started expressing their views in this regard. There were some who even offered to help the old guy if his details can be provided. Here are some of the reactions:

It’s really disheartening to see a son doing such a thing to his father who might have made many sacrifices to fulfill his wishes.

What is your take in regard to the whole episode? Share with us.

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